Aaron V Sullivan


Eng – 100


There has been much debate in the past about the issue of recycling, many have thought of it as a

waste of time and money. Many thought simply dumping all refuse in landfill's, and bury it was more

than sufficient means of riding themselves of the inconvenient mess, also thought to be costly

(Recycling Facts MIT).

Before recycling ever caught on there was an incident i9n New York where the Garbage Barge named

the Mobro, it was carrying over 3000 tons of New York's fermented trash up and down the Eastern Sea

Board for months. There was no one that would accept it because the landfills were full. This incident

actually started the modern recycling Era.

Many people were very skeptical and felt that recycling was not the answer. It took a long time for

the coasrt and savings to show, which in turn would start looking more reasonable. For the longest

time the glass, plastics, news print etc prices were so low no one wanted to be part of recycling. As

always if there is no money to be made then why bother “RIGHT” wrong there was plenty of money to

be made, many did not see the value until there was forced recycling by the govt or private


The energy, fuel, time and resources saved while sorting and reusing the refuse was begining

to look a lot better. When you see the staggering facts about how much it saves as well as the reduction

of life lost to pollution in the many species that make up our world. For instance when you recycle one

Aluminum can you prevent ten tons of CO2 from entering our atmosphere, also it takes ninety six

percent less energy to make a can from a can rather than making a can from Aluminum Ingots. Approx

1,440,000 tons of cans are thrown in to landfills each year, when only fort five percent is reused to make more (Recycling Forty five percent might sound like a lot but it is no where...

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