Red Remover

Red Remover

Red Remover

This is a puzzle game that helps in testing the brain since it involves a little bit of physics. To play this game on Ipad, Iphone, Ipod touch and Android one must have an application that costs $0.99 and can be downloaded from the app store. This application comes with forty original levels. Red remover series are currently available from 1 to 5.

How to Play


The reds come in different shapes and sizes i.e. square, rectangle and circle. Since the objective of the game is to remove the reds this makes it simple to play. Regardless of the shape and size all reds must be erased as follows:

Slightly colored – simple to remove by just clicking on it.

Darker shade of red – these cannot be removed by just clicking but by using other methods like pulls of gravity that pushes them in a certain direction and off the screen or by knocking them off using other shapes.


These should not be removed. In any case all shapes colored green must not be erased. If erased, the level will be repeated.


These are considered neutrals in the game. This implies that it doesn't matter if they are kept or not. They are used as tools to help in removing the reds by bumping them off and keeping the greens by blocking them from falling off.

4 Planes of Gravity

These are the forces that enable the shapes to fall. They are very challenging and tricky because they tug the shapes in different directions which makes it difficult to keep the reds from falling the right way.

Who Should Play

This game doesn't have any extreme graphical content or violence therefore it’s suitable for all. It will help the young ones in mental development because it involves some serious thinking.

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