Reducing Drug Use in Adolescents

Reducing Drug Use in Adolescents

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I found this source through a Google search. Now that I have found it, it will be a huge resource of information to aid me in writing my project. It's a government website focused on preventing drug abuse among children and adolescents, which is the focus of my Big Idea. As an unbiased primary source, this government website will give me a bunch of ideas on what is important in preventing drug use in adolescents. (National Institute on Drug Abuse)

This source will be great for giving parents pointers on how to prevent drug use in adolescents. A goal of the coalition my 'Big Idea' is purposing if for people and the community to be more aware that it is our responsibility to prevent teens from wanting to do drugs in the first place. This idea is going to be a major persuasive point of my essay, and my 'Big Idea'. (Tyndale)

I’ve used the mayo clinic a lot for information in the past. This source will help me a lot in referencing facts and putting up a persuasive argument in the context of my essay. Luckily they source there information, so I will be able to use them to find primary sources instead of just secondary sources. (author unknown)

I couldn’t find any sources or think of how to find anyone that opposes drug use and prevention in adolescents, hence I couldn’t explain a source or how I would argue against said source.

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