refelective journal

refelective journal

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Reflective Journal 2

In week 3, our lecturer talked about how to manage stress. After study this class I learnt that stress is a problem may influence our health and sometimes we may ignore it. In this class, our lecture taught us how to find the type of our stress and how to face it. In my opinion the physical activity which we can reduce our stress are including such as relaxation techniques, mediation, yoga, tai chi, get a massage, and even things like keeping a journal recognizing our stressors and working on them. There is not an activity to suit everyone and we need to find our own relaxation techniques.

During the class, we did a skill assessment called evaluative surveys for managing stress. The result surprised me. I only got 38 scores which I was in the bottom quartile. My low mark is in the skill area of Short-term coping which means that I cannot respond to on-the-spot stressful situations fast and correctly. I also realize that l got an inefficient time management skills at my work or study. Because there are various factors such as interruptions, activities, requests or persons would make me feel stress. These interruptions would bring a bad influence for my study or work. After this class, I tried to research something online to help me improve my time management skills. According to Robertson, D (2012), I found that the simplest way is to say “no” to various interruptions and focus on the takes and missions which I want to do at first. Moreover, at home, I often worry about too much things such as I’m afraid to fail the subject or lose my job; which I cant take them off from my mid and interrupts my concentration on tasks at hand. Form this lecture, I believe I can control my worry time at home to improve my time management and this will in turn reduce my stress levels. Moreover, I got a pretty high mark in the skill area of developing resiliency which indicates that I understand the importance of a healthy body and lifestyle will help...

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