Referendum 1995

Referendum 1995

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By: Michael Korovin



1. If someone comes in through the door the light should go on

2. The magnetic switch is preventing the bulb from turning on. So as long as there is no magnetic field around the magnetic switch the bulb will stay off.

3. Well I didn’t use paper so some materials that I used instead of paper were a magnetic switch and a knife switch that are preventing the electrons from flowing from the source through the conductors, through the load and back into the source. Some Materials that wouldn’t work are any type of metal and overall anything that can be considered as a conductor. i.e.) rubber would work because it’s an insulator and silver wouldn’t work because it’s a conductor.

4. There are two different types of burglar alarms; closed circuit and open circuit. In the closed circuit systems the circuit is closed when doors and windows are shut so electricity is able to flow through the circuit. Yet when the circuit is open or broken the flow of electrons are stopped and the alarm is triggered. In an open circuit alarm while everything is closed the circuit remains open and once a door or window is opened it closes the circuit and it allows electrons to flow through it providing energy and making the alarm sound. Burglar alarms usually use magnetic sensors as their control. Meaning that as long as there’s a magnetic field around the sensor the alarm will not sound yet when someone opens something the field is broken and the alarm will sound.

How my alarm works

My alarm is a series circuit. The electrons flow from the negative terminal of the batteries connected to the battery holder through the wire which is the conductor through the magnetic switch. From there the electrons flow through a knife switch through the load and into the source again via the positive terminal. If the magnet isn’t near the magnetic switch then even if the knife switch is closed then the light...

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