Refined oil equipment oil refining business, hydraulic oil vendors would forrest with your actions.

Refined oil equipment oil refining business, hydraulic oil vendors would forrest with your actions.

A few days ago, our hydraulic oil vendors would forrest equipment co., LTD., the editor of a was assigned by the leadership of the company related tasks

Go to our forrest to interview a client there.I hurried to sort out some of the information, and our refined oil equipment business manager zhang. Travelling together to customer side.Just from the station
palm oil refinery plant

Bridge, a familiar voice stopped me: "hi, xiao li, this is from which come back? It's hot weather, come here to drink a cup of!"I instinctively looked inside, is our refined oil equipment

A client of Mr Liu Youcai.

The Mr Liu is our henan shangqiu people, make it sound so we had to go out to travel before.Shangqiu people family values are heavier, so Mr Liu early in his parents' strong (under "bully"

Digression: ha, ha!Let him marry daughter-in-law, although be forced!But should also pretty happy!)Liu home to boys family line, just pushed he fathered three children, it's a pity that the first two are

Is my daughter (personal think boys and girls are all the same, only servant thought is not enough), only one of the smallest is son.Due to the basic state policy of family planning in China, his approach is obviously

Violation of legal theory, but given that is the case, we also what to say too much inconvenience.
Because task burden is heavy, so Mr. Liu's life once had is more difficult, enormous pressure of children living let liu out of breath.The earliest time, he once lived

Home near the large supermarket promoters, etc, but one thousand yuan a month's salary income, for his large family is a drop in the ocean, so, in the words of Mr. Liu once was
Steam pipe

Once have a: distress.

Liu wife at ordinary times is busy looking after children, generally there is no way to go out to work to earn money, all the economic burden, can only all the pressure on Mr. Liu's.A few years ago, we were

Just know, when he knew that when I worked as a...

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