Reflect on the Strategy Experience

Reflect on the Strategy Experience

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Assignment 2

Reflect on The Strategy Experience


Competitive Strategy


Chen Pang

With the accelerated development of globalization, market competition has become increasingly fierce, the market more complex and changing environment. Enterprises to seek survival and development in a complex and ever-changing environment, strategic management is essential, which is a long-term, overall planning to adapt to the internal and external situation. The strategic management of right or wrong relates to the failure of enterprises in market competition and perishes. It indicates the enterprise's survival and development in a competitive environment, which determines how the most important content and competition (Porter, 1996). Through variety of strategy analysis ways, such as: PESTEL, Porter Five Force Model, SWOT, which can help company analysis current situation and make suit for long-term direction strategy of organization. In this term, we make a business strategy for WRSX (WaldronRouxSilbersteinXao), which is a mid-sized advertising agency group in a group. Against the goals of the company, we create a detailed business plan and developed specific strategies.

Through analysis WRSX’s external environment, organization’s strategic capability, goals and culture, use SWOT analysis to make out strategic position. According to opportunities, threats, strengths, and weaknesses, by reason of Advertising industry in the US, Europe and the developed countries already in the mature stage, so we decided make Asian as company’s main market that has higher opportunities. On the board meeting, there was a question about Small and medium-sized enterprise market opportunities in Asia.

WRSX should not be as important to Google's competitors, it has only 3% of ad spending in the United States and accounted for a small share of the market in Asia. In Asia, there are millions of small businesses, to attract customers. Even limited budgetary and...

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