Reflect Sheet

Reflect Sheet

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Reflection Sheet on Educational Philosophies/Theories

Direction: Now that you learned about each of the representatives of the different States in the “Educational Philo Region”, please write at least one idea you liked from each educational philosophy/theory on each of the major educational issues and one idea you do not agree with. Support your opinion by writing the reasons for your choice.

Ideas I Like

Representatives/Issues |Purpose |Curriculum |Teaching Methods |Classroom Management |Teacher Role |Evaluation | |Mr. Prennialist |Using reasoning about human matters and moral principles.

|the "ecclesiastical Perennialists", the study of the Christian doctrine is important and might even take precedence over secular works because they believe that the learner is closer the ultimate knowledge when he/she assumes the mind |teach mathematics, history, language, logic, literature and science.
students should master these subjects to discipline the mind | |-Discipline
-Be formal with your students all the time model of intellectual and rational power
-reinforce time on task, precision of performance and order. Use the scientific method. You should have a wide range of knowledge of the classics and developmental reasoning. Finally, help your students be in contact with God or the Supreme Being. |use standardized objective examination. Essay exams could be used for literature because student can express their ideas and insights | |Mrs. Progressivist |teach students how to think instead of what to think and should be involved in deciding what to learn because we see education as democratic process.
|scientific method, problem-solving, critical thinking, cooperative learning and project methods. |plan your class around your students and the more you do that, the more they learn. Look at your classroom as a whole: consider students' physical, emotional and social aspects |You should facilitate their learning and engage them in...

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