Reflecting on Reading

Reflecting on Reading

Assignment: Reflecting on Reading (15 points)
Directions: For the following assignment, answer the questions in complete sentences. Please check
your spelling and grammar before you submit the assignment for grading.
Before Reading
1. Write a question about one of the first three headings and a potential answer.

2. Write a question about the image of the tapestry and a potential answer.

During Reading
3. What predictions do you have about the information in the article based on the first paragraph?

4. What is the significance of feudalism in medieval Europe? How does this connect to the image of

5. If you were to sketch a graphic representation of the social structure of Europe in the Middle Ages,
what would you draw?

6. Would you prefer to be a serf or an apprentice? Support your answer with evidence from the text.

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After Reading
7. What is one question you have after finishing the reading? Make a guess as to the answer based on
what you know about the Middle Ages or your prior knowledge.

8. What is one major theme of this article? Develop a question about this theme that would push a
reader’s understanding of the Middle Ages to the next level.

9. What connection can you make between social structure in the Middle Ages and something you are
familiar with either in your personal life, or your knowledge of history?

10. Compare the government described in “Growing Centralization” to American government.

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Context Clues
11. Using context clues to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words is an important skill. Complete the
chart below to show how you deduced the meaning of a word you did not know in this article.

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