Reflection Essay #1

Reflection Essay #1

Delia Sanchez

Reflection Essay #1

Th. 101- Old Testament

August 31, 2015

Thomas Malewitz
The Word of God has always been the bread of life, and we, as the people and children of

God, as well as the people that are still lost in the world, are expected by God, to abide by

His Word. Without the Word of God which is and always will be the bread of life, we

and everything in the world are doomed. His Word is the structure of how He expects us

to live. This is why the Ten Commandments existed in His Word. He expected His

people to abide by these commandments and utilize them as a guideline to abide by His

rule or perish. The rule God laid down for the world, was to give structure as His people,

sinners, and those who did not sin, according to how he wanted us to live. His objective

was to enlighten us to see and trust in everything He is capable of which has no limits, as

well as His power and the continual blessings He sheds over us as His creations.

There is little reason for evolutionists and creationists to conduct an argument over the

true meaning of the Book of Genesis. God gave them knowledge and concrete evidence

of many unanswered questions of how the world came to exist. The evidence in relation

to how things were in the days of old, dating back to B.C., that these inquisitors found

was given to them by God Himself, through knowledge of research and studies. God

revealed evidence in the Scriptures such as Noah’s Ark. They discovered concrete

evidence of artifacts such as stones, human skulls, and items of the like, as He revealed

them in locations such as Africa which was the Genesis before the Great Flood of Noah’s

period in time. God never gave a definitive date or location to mankind of his handiwork

throughout the world of Genesis, which is depicted as being the beginning of time. In

addition to these findings, the locations mentioned in the Bible, also gave...

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