Reflection on Online Learning

Reflection on Online Learning

Reflect On Learning From The Module Offering Recommendations For Continued Learning In Practice.

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It is acknowledged in the literature (Atkins, Murphy 2004, Gibbs 1988, Johns 2000, Rolfe et al 2001, Palmer et al 1999, Schon 1993) that reflective practice is associated with improvement in the quality of patient care, stimulating personal and professional growth and closing the gap between theory and practice. For the purpose of this reflective piece the principles of reflection offered by Gibbs 1988, Johns 2000, Kolb 1984, Rolfe et al 2001 will be used.

Engaging though out the module with health care professionals who work in different critical care settings has been an interesting learning experience. In practice, all areas represented in the module work together. Often caring for the same patients at different stages of critical illness. However communication between these areas can be limited, hindering multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary teamwork and potentially the holistic care of patients (Jay 1995, Sully, Dallas 2002). The barriers involved in effective communication between critical care specialties include, limited understanding of professional roles, limited understanding of differing pressures amongst critical care teams, time constraints and personality issues ( Maich et al 2000, Mccallin 2001, Sully, Dallas, 2002,). Learning as an interdisciplinary team has enhanced my personal knowledge about the different roles and work load pressures on other critical care areas. It has also reiterated for me that the patient is the focus of care and departmental or individual rivalries should not be a barrier.

Researching and writing the three elements of this assignment has highlighted a number of key elements. With specific regard to patients attending an Emergency Department with a head injury, it is vital to understand that pupil reaction is a key feature in making clinical decisions and should be done routinely as part...

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