Reflection on the Winning Debate

Reflection on the Winning Debate

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On 4th of February 2010, me and my team mate, Chua Jia Rong both did a successful debate and also became the winning team. We were definitely delighted and over the moon because all our hard work paid off. Before this debate started, I did not have the confidence to be able to do well in this debate. With the encouragement of my team mate and also lots of practices together, we are happy to have this result.
As the saying goes, “there will only be one winner and one loser”.

From this debate, I get to know my team mate a lot. We then learn how to understand each other. We may be doing the same motion, “School Ball Should be Banned” but there are also clashing point when we discuss. We evaluate those points and accept the wrongs in our doing. I’m very happy to work with Jia Rong because she is a very encouraging person and also helps me out in the pronunciation of hard words. I also enjoy the time discussing with my team mate not just only because she was helpful but she also makes jokes when we discuss.

Having this debate is also a very challenging thing to me, as I get to build up my confidence in presenting and speaking in public. Having to face people and make eye contact with them was the most difficult thing in my life. With this debate, I will have to make eye contact to gain attention from the members of the floor. With this debate, I was given the chance to train up this skill. “Eye Contact”. In future, I am sure I would be able to stand comfortable and confidently in a crowd of people expressing my speech.

Furthermore, though the researches I have done, I found out many things that I have never come across before. School ball can really cost a lot. Students that spend thousands on clothings and also the effect of alcohol towards the student cause by school ball. It may even cost a life. So, with all the researches I am able to see things clearer in live, and not just looking at my life and things happening in my country. There are a lot of...

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