Reflections on Social Studies

Reflections on Social Studies

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Sem 3

Social Studies

Social Studies have brought me a lot of information especially about my own country form of governance. I really don’t like this topic since secondary school in history subject because a lot of terms and names need to be memorized. So people mentioned, “ Study not to memorize, but to understand.” But I totally disagree with this statement, how to answer question if you could not memorize the fact.

Many predicaments I have faced and I endured it comfortably. One example is to understand the form of governance in UK and Malaysia. It was a hard work to understand and differentiate each and every single part of it. Nevertheless, I can understand a lot better now, but still need to revise and revisit every section of it.

On top of that, Social Studies have dragged me more to love this profession as a teacher. This was because; I have learnt the education system and understand every inch of it from our lecturers. Not forgetting to hear from their experiences. What interest me most was, I proudly said I love to do that forum on “ Should fresh graduated teachers be posted to rural areas?” I really love forum from there onwards. Therefore, I would like to express my gratitude for giving me that golden opportunity to give a try in it.

In addition, I still can think and mesmerize the topic of globalization. I love the way Madam Nori dragged everyone into the topic, especially in terms of future education or global education. But another thing, I would to highlight here is the method of Mr Zul used. Reading is a good way of teaching, but reading too much could end up other meticulous thing. I hope there would be another method in order to avoid any kind of obstacles like this.

Overall about 3rd SEM Social Studies, I really love it especially in globalization section. But to give a comparison between 2nd and 1st SEM I love first SEM even better. But come to think what I have written here, everything is fun...

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