Reflective Journal Essay

Reflective Journal Essay

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Reflective Journaling Entries 1 & 2
HSCO 508
November 2, 2014
Liberty University

W 1 #1
I learned about DISC Behavioral styles this week. I had learned about them before during my undergrad, but it was great getting a refresher and taking an assessment to see which blend I was. Taking the DISC assessment put my personality in perspective. Majority of individuals will display some of all four DISC style types as they relate, interconnect, and intermingle with other individuals. Some traits are more or less than others (Carbonell, 2008). After taking the assessment during this week, I came to the conclusion that my behavioral blend is C/D/S. The C would represent my cautious style. I can definitely see this. I worry about everything and I am careful about what I say and do. I worry so much it stresses me out. Now the D is my secondary style in my behavioral blend and it would represent my dominant side. Which I can see, I am direct, demanding and driven. When I am in a comfortable situation my dominant style reflects more than my cautious style. After reflecting this week on the readings and after doing my behavioral blend assessment I have learned a lot about my personality and am interested in how my personality changes as mature and get older.

W2 #2
This week in class I learned a whole lot about identity. It made me really look at myself and define what identity meant to me. I possess a different identity depending on where I am. At work I am seen as the Family Readiness Support Assistant, that is my job title and no one at my place of employment identify with any of my other identities. At home my husband sees me as his wife and my daughters see me as their mom. They are aware of my other identities but they relate mainly to me as mom and wife. I watched three videos this week on identity and communication and they were very interesting to me. I became aware in the second...

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