Reflective Journal of Nicu Experience

Reflective Journal of Nicu Experience

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Niekia Jenkins

Nurs 203

Donna Depalmo



I thought my experience in the NICU would be very depressing and traumatizing, but for the most part my experience in the NICU was the opposite of what I thought it would be. When I first got there one of the nurses’ showed me around the unit, and explained the schedule assigned to her for the day and told me what to expect during my visit to the NICU. The unit held up to six babies at the time but there were only five babies there. The nurse that I shadowed for the day had the responsibility of taking care of two out of the five babies. The one baby that stuck out to me the most was the sickest out of the two.

She was born 32 week old and she had just made the stay at Paoli, hence Paoli doesn’t take babies under 32 weeks. The nurse had explained if that would occur the baby would be transferred to Lankenau or Byrw Marw. The nurse and I did the baby’s head to toe assessment together, but before the assessment was done, the nursed allowed me to gather the past medical history of baby and mom. The baby was suffering from HF, had a patent foreman ovale and very audible heart murmur. I also got a chance to see mottling and subcostal retraction. I learned that in the NICU the nurses weigh the diaper to get an idea of how much the babies are voiding. All in all I must say that my experience was a good one the nurses were willing to teach and answered any questions that I asked. The hospital and nurses there made a very calming environment which was felt very much by me and I believe the babies felt it as well because they all seemed so relaxed and assured.

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