Reflective Learning

Reflective Learning

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Introduction of learners to reflective practice
Develop an awareness of external influences on teaching and learning

The main points I have learnt from this session / assessment are:
The value of individual learning plans –
 There should be ownership and shared responsibility between the learner and teacher/tutor
 ILPs are often linked to a course which receives Government funding
 In certain circumstances may be more useful than a scheme of work or lesson plan
 The value and importance on my learning in developing my personal learning plan to assist in helping me to focus on my short term goal and longer term aims
To introduce students to the legislation and codes of practice which are relevant to the learning environment –
 The legislative frameworks and Acts which are in place have an impact on the teacher/tutor responsibility to ensure all learners are treated equally, fairly and have every opportunity to achieve goals. The Acts in place cover Equality, Disability, Sex Discrimination, Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, data protection, heath and safety (this list is not exhaustive). The ethos of the tutor/teacher should be to put the learner at the centre – be inclusive, give positive feedback, praise and treat all students with empathy.
Reflective Practice –
 This includes looking back on the lesson/training sessions to consider what went well/not so well (Recapping on what happened in the lesson /learning which has taken place – Green Wellies)
 What can you do to make it better next time
 Keeping a journal – helpful for professional formation

How I could develop my practical skills as a result of this session / assessment:
 I will think about how I would help students to contribute to develop an ILP, agreeing learning targets for individuals and giving feedback (it has to be a positive process and experience for the learner even if some of the feedback may be around improvement – turn this to a positive...

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