Reflective Practice

Reflective Practice

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Unit 3

Reflective practice

Task F

As part of Day Service Improvements an organization restructure is taking place. The new structure starts at the top with a Community Team Manager, working under them will be Team Leaders and working under them Community Coaches. This will simplify the current staff structure which has different staff with different jobs and salaries doing similar job roles. There is still a problem with the new structure as there is no natural career development. It will still be difficult to move to the next level as you cannot gain the relevant qualifications to do so in your current position.
On the 1st February we received a staff message-Council budget for 2006/7, it out lined cost-cutting measures and some job losses. Later in February 2006 staff received a briefing note from the Integrated Learning Disability Service Management, the specific issues were relating to Management Cuts and Service Changes. Proposals were to be put forward which the Cabinet would consider.
1 Reduction on Management costs that will affect the Learning Disability Services.
2 Service changes that will mean the closure of some units through amalgamation. Since then service users and cares have had letters inviting them to a meeting. At this meeting they were advised of plans for the Luncheon Club, the base would move from Annfield Plain to Harton Print. The following day staff, service users and carers were informed this will not be happening in the near future. This has caused a great deal of unrest with staff, service users, carers and the people to whom we provide a service. The consequence of this is the service users require a lot of reassuring because their future is uncertain. This is difficult as staff at our level have no information to give them other than they will be offered some service in the future.

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