Reflective Summary Relating to a Therapeutic Interaction

Reflective Summary Relating to a Therapeutic Interaction

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Reflective Summary Relating to a Therapeutic Interaction


This summary provides an example of how massage therapy was used as part of on-going care with a patient in a neurological rehabilitation ward and how it contributed to verbal communication. In accordance with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (2012) Code of professional conduct, confidentiality will be maintained and the patient will be named Sandra. Marks-Maran & Rose (1997) model of reflection will be used as it provides a good example of an approach to reflection on action.

The Incident

Sandra was 47 years old when she suffered from a stroke, resulting in hemiparesis on the left side of her body. The physiotherapist arranged a care plan to improve mobility and strengthen muscles, manipulation, mobilisation and daily massage to reduce pain and stiffness. After gaining her consent, the massage cream was brought to her bedside and the massage session was carried out while we engaged in conversation. Initially the focus was on the massage and conversation was centred round the type of day Sandra was having. As the massage therapy continued Sandra changed the conversation to her feelings of loss and fear and how having a stroke has affected her and her family. Strong emotions surfaced and Sandra became very tearful. The therapy was stopped so that Sandra could be comforted.
Reflective Observation

During the massage, Sandra expressed how much massage relaxed her. It felt like a positive, patient-centred, interaction that allowed me to listen to Sandra and allowed her to put her trust in me. Qualities such as care, concern, compassion and respect, while listening, allowed Sandra to ‘open up’. A connection had developed which allowed Sandra to disclose personal information, concerns, worries and feelings. She explained how difficult it was for her to adapt to changes in her life circumstances and how they were affecting her and her family. I felt feelings of...

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