Reflective Teaching

Reflective Teaching

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Reflective Teaching Journal
Section one
My personal philosophy in teaching and how it emerge from my learning experiences in school and teachers’ college as well as from my current learning experiences in the degree programme.

My personal philosophy in teaching is that every child can learn. They may not learn at the same pace. Children different some are more incline to manage the academic while others are skill oriented. There are many gifted children in our society and they are often over looked or ignored because they may not be performing at the ‘so call class average’.

I have learnt to adopt a positive attitude towards all my students. They are my personal responsibility. I am so concern that I have said to myself if only I could open their heads and put knowledge there I would gladly do so. I told my students that if at any time they do not understand a concept they are to communicate same to me. I know it is my responsibility to make the lesson as simple as possible for them to grasp the concept.

I know the various obstacles that can hinder learning so I bear these in mind when I am planning the lessons. I see every child as an individual and try as much as possible to plan for their individual needs and interest as much as is humanly possible. I promise never to bash or under rate any of my students. I know that they are our future generation hence I must ensure that I prepare them to become worthwhile citizens.

My Journey

Teaching was the farthest thing from my mind but. I knew I wanted to work with minds, young minds but teaching –no. It was my friend who influenced me to apply to teachers’ college. She believed that I possess the qualities of a good teacher, patience, loving, caring and understanding. She eventually convinced me to apply to Teachers’College. I applied to several teachers’ colleges and all of them responded favourable. I accepted one of the many invitations and did a diploma course in Primary...

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