Reflective Writing: Working in the Group

Reflective Writing: Working in the Group

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Reflective writing

This module required students to work in a group to find vacant premises In Bradford and write and present a business plan. And to convince the tutor that the business that we open will run successfully. I worked in a group with 4 other girls my job role in the business is as a sales manager I am basically selling the potential products.

Working in a group of 5 was a good experience, as I have learnt a lot. Firstly, the most obvious thing that I discovered was the advantage of working as part of a group. I learned that good teamwork is the key to success, as everyone had their own point of view, many different ideas could be produced and I found the energy of group participation made me feel more energetic about contributing something. I shared a lot of ideas and opinions with the rest of the group. I participated in the group discussions when we were planning on what we should name our business, where it should be located and what we should sell.

I took the role of a sales manager as no one else was willing to take it. And I thought it was quiet challenging and a good role as in I will be selling the products, I looked at some images which we would put on our poster, I shopped around with the rest of the group and looked out for different materials and colours with elegant designs.

There were some problems, my mum was in hospital 4 a week and my niece was also in hospital for almost two weeks. There was too much stress for me as my niece and mum both was not well. And I also had a lot of work to do for PDP, accounting and economics. I made sure I was up to date with my work by getting the notes of my friends. And asking them what they did while I wasn’t here. So like that I wasn’t missing out any work.

In future if I had to work in a group again I would want to work make sure that I work with people who turn up on time participate more in group work and work as a group, share more ideas, have a good time...

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