Reforms of Sultan Selim 3

Reforms of Sultan Selim 3

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Reforms of Sultan Selim 3

At the beginning of the Early Age, the Ottoman Empire was weakened.People began

not to abide the traditions and codes which developed the empire's fundamental

institutions.Instead of the state interests, sheria were turning to being a mere insturment in the

hands of a group of people.By the time that Selim 3 became empiror, the empire that could

protect its bordersover three continent, were declining dramatically because of domastic


In Ottoman Empire, Sultan was also responsible for sheria and other traditions most

widely accepted by the nation.They were already working as common laws.The empire

turning into a strict anarchy by the time's military force named as Janissary corps and ulema

when a weakened sultan come to power.Despite the empire was wounded as whole, the most

affected were counties.The counties like Tripoli,Algeria,Tunisia were ruling by the governors

coming from the central authority.In progress of time, those counties earned a status of semi-

autonomy because governors had extended their power given by the center.However, the

central pretend not to see those exploiters in return for strengthen its internal recognition by


The later years witnessed the social unrests between governors and governed.The most

common reasons was the taxes levied unfairly.Consequently, in such a position, the loser side

was the state authority and prestige.The real army force was the Janissary corps that existed

until the second half of the sixteenth century.When public people whose purpose is to earn

money were taken to the army.It started to impaire.Lack of discipline and acts of personal

interest between the soldiers make the Janissaries performed badly.These soldiers did not

want to fight in wars, how to act against enemies.It posed a threat to security of the empire

with a propensity to dictatorship.These situation lead to...

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