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Decision in Philadelphia
Douglas S. Freeman High School
11AP Summer Reading List 2014

Henrico County Public Schools strongly encourages parents/guardians to work with their children as they choose their summer reading books.

Because we expect AP students to be thoroughly conversant with each book, you are strongly urged to purchase your own books so that you can write notes in them at will. The Douglas S. Freeman library will be having a book fair at the Barnes and Noble bookstore at Libbie Place on May 31 where copies of the summer reading books may be purchased. A portion of the proceeds will be given to our library.

The purpose for the following titles is to keep you engaged in learning during the summer and introduce you to some of the concepts you can anticipate in the course you have selected. Your notes, which are to follow the guidelines below, should be typed and take no more than a page. You may reduce font size to 8 if necessary, but students who take copious notes should learn to be selective even as students who take few notes are learning to take more.

Choose two (2) of the following: Out of Africa by Issak Dinesen (nonfiction), The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson (nonfiction), or Decision in Philadelphia by Christopher and James Lynn Collier (nonfiction).

With any of the titles consider the choices the author has had to make – ie, method of organization, the central theme, or any bias you perceive. Moreover, for each selection you are to produce a three-square journal. See the attached example.

Your instructor will collect your journal the first day of school and grade it according to the following rubric:

Name _____________________________
Book choice ________________________
Book choice ________________________
Step 1: Quotes
Represent prominent themes and purposes
Represent book in totality (taken from beginning, middle, end)
Provides inferences, not paraphrasing or summary
Provides parenthetical...