Regency Plaza

Regency Plaza

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1.Executive Summary

With reference to the Regency Plaza Case we had discussed how project management should be managed and the need to be an effective project manager.

The introduction discussed about how projects were destined to go out of their planned route. Also briefly mentioned what aspects of the Regency Case is the whole essay discussing.

We had defined the project into 3 phases stages called Goals, Specifications and task and responsibilities. Goals list the company's objective. Specification explains the company's key strategies, lastly tasks and responsibilities identify about the management role in the Project.

We had identified the problems beginning right from the project definition stage. We also discussed the role of the project manager is and how to be an effective project manager. In the Assessment of Kris Hodgkins we had identified what she did wrong during the process of the project.

We had elaborated the four stages of the Risk management process. We had compared 4 options of what we thought could be a solution for Miller's dilemma.

Finally discussed all the problems in the case for one last time and came to a conclusion that Hodgkins was not a great Project Manager. We also listed our learning points.

2. Introduction

Projects being late or exceeding budget is not a new scenario. Its interesting to note that often human factors lead to these kind of bad situations.In situations where time, cost and resources are in special concern, project managers tend to make more irrational decisions, resulting in more re-work. Projects managers can help to minimize those errors by ensuring that there is proper planning, project design and project management.

Projects are stepping stones of corporate strategy and its success is the lifeblood. Regency Hotel Group had planned to develop a new business strategy by developing a concept of building a hotel linked with a condominium together into the market environment. The role of...

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