Region Argument

Region Argument

Rogerian Argument

What I gathered from the rogerian argument is that you

need to find common ground with the other person and

showing value in your point and not just push your point of

view on them. This does seem like it would be affective. As

if to use in daily life I can see it at work with spouses,

boss’s, children, teenagers, or even parents. Personally I

think I have had to do this with my children a bit because

I’m not very good at demanding things and they are not very

good at wanting to do what I say. My ex’s mom is actually a

good example. That woman and I spent about four yrs. at

each other. We both refused to listen to the other and both

thought we were right. At last at someone’s advice I told

her that I understand her views and that I’m trying to

understand how she feels and I wish she would do the same

for me. That we both agree that its best to do what’s in

the girls best interest. That I have no problem with them

seeing them as much as they want but I did believe they

were being a bit selfish in wanting them on all holidays

and birthdays. The conversation went on, but I guess my

point is she changed toward me and almost seems like she

might almost like me now. But I constantly have to

understand her and work with her about things to keep peace

and to me that gets tiresome. So in the end I do think

people react more positive when they see that you will

consider their views.

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