REL 39999 Task 4

REL 39999 Task 4

Starting Labor Epidural PCA

REL 39999 Task 4

After completing Epidural Procedure Scan Syringe Document the following:

Epidural Syringe #* and medication
must be addressed with every documentation session within this class
Labor Epidural PCA Line Reconciliation
All elements must be documented when initiating a syringe
Syringe Start D/T
ONLY document here with initiation of a NEW syringe
Bolus Dose, Lockout Period, Dose Limit/Hour, Infusion Rate
Anesthesia orders
Clinician Bolus
Only document amount (mL) when administering a labor bolus
Amount comes from Anesthesia orders

Scan PatientCosign (all elements)

Cosigning Epidural Documentation

After documenting, click ‘Save’ to view this screen.

In order to Cosign all documentation at once, click Cosign box at top of screen.

Then click ‘Cosign’ so that other RN can enter username and password.

Per policy, the following must be cosigned:
1. Medication
2. Pump settings
3. Line reconciliation

A Co-signature is required for the following processes:
1. Initiation of a syringe/cassette
2. Rate change
3. RN Handoff

Changing Labor Epidural Syringe Rate

When changing a rate, the following must be documented and cosigned:
Epidural Syringe #* and medication
Labor Epidural PCA Line Reconciliation
Bolus Dose
Lockout Period
Dose Limit/Hour
Infusion Rate When turning down must annotate rate (mL)

Ending a Labor Epidural Syringe

When ending a labor syringe, the following must be documented (No co-signature necessary):
Epidural Syringe #* and medication
Syringe Ended D/T
Reason Syringe Ended
Routine change (Must document syringe end before starting new syringe)
Patient condition
Volume Administered
Residual Volume

Printing Narcotic Report

Please follow these steps to PRINT Narcotic Infusion Reconciliation...

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