Related Material Belonging - Bend It Like Beckem

Related Material Belonging - Bend It Like Beckem

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I don't really know how to explain it but I'll give you a couple of examples for the film that I'm doing. I'm not sure how correct it is, but its worth a try.

- The music we hear in Jesminders living room is native to India, showing the families desire to remain true to their native homeland despite living in a westernised country. This music is juxtaposed against the music that is played in the scenes of Jess is playing soccer, featuring songs such as Tom Jones’ “She’s a Lady” and Curtis Mayfield’s “Move on Up.”

- When Jess is out shopping with Jules, the song "She's a lady" playing, hence she belongs to gender.

- Jess is determined to become a famous soccer player, as seen in the Montage at the beginning of the film where she is introduced through a fantasy of playing soccer with her hero, David Beckham, which outlines Jess’ aspirations.

- Mr Bhamra uses the derogatory term “Gora,” to refer to the white British players that made fun of him as a child, showing his feelings of disgust. The lighting casts a shadow across his face, externalising the feelings of disappointment and high camera angles are used to highlight the vulnerability of him.

- The sense of belonging that is found in the film is highlighted in many different forms.
In the soccer team, each of the girls wear a red and white uniform, suggesting that they all belong to the same team. During the girls training session, low camera angles are used, as well as wide camera angles, to represent the team as powerful and highlights how they belong together on the field.

- Music is used to show how Jules and Jess belong with each other in friendship. When the girls are training together in the park, we see them run past 2 Hindi women with the song “Move On Up” by Curtis Mayfield playing. The song symbolises that, in pursuing their goal, together, the girls “Move On Up” as well as surpass both cultural and societal constraints.
Thats how i related it back to belonging vs alienation but...

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