Relationship Between Political and Economical S

Relationship Between Political and Economical S

Explain the relationship between political and economical stability and the lack of support for extremist parties.

After world war 1 and the Treaty of Versailles Germany had huge economical and political problems including, hyper-inflation and starvation and a high rate of different parties wanting different policies with no order or stability, the army and judges were bias and the whole country was split into a right and left wing. This led the public to vote for extremist parties like the Nazis to sort out the way the country had been ran quickly and with harsh methods. In May 1924 the voting statistics showed that the Nazi party had captured 32 of the votes.

In America 1920 the public were faced with a similar situation as in 1916 when Woodrow Wilson was elected as president for his second time his campaign was that he had kept America out of the European war, but by 1920 not only has Wilson bought Americas involvement in to the war he had also contributed to the Treaty of Versailles. So in 1920 on November 2nd Harding became elected president.

Back in Germany, by December 1924 Nazi statistics had dramatically dropped from the original 32 down to 14, this shows us that the Weimar government must have bought some sense of security and stability to the country. Indeed they had the country was beginning to recover from hyper-inflation and the government was showing a sense of direction and sensible policies.

The election results in May 1928 also showed improvement as the Social Democrats had a high of 153 votes to the Nazis 12. There were many major reasons for this as Germany had certainly begun its route to recovery. In 1926 a gesture of trust from the other countries showed as Stresemann took Germany into the League of Nations from which they were once forbidden. Germany began signing treaties such as the Lorcano with Britain, France and Italy. Economically the country showed positive signs as they signed the Dawes plan with America...

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