religin in siri lanka

religin in siri lanka

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 That the commandant should let the prisoner back into the gulag.
Every person with any compassion would agree that the commandant should let the prisoners back into the is imperative that these poor creatures are allowed back through the prison gate. The commandant can’t allow himself to be a cold blooded murder.

The command has been in charge of creating a rail way. This rail way will help miners and country explores and adventures looking for a new life. It is a simply equation more prisoners will result in more work done. This is urgent work so all hand are required. It would be much Better for the commandant back in allowing them to contribute to the important work that must be done

Those poor souls are doomed to die. Can the commandant live with blood on his hands if you don’t let them in are any cruel and heartless but it shows the leader you are not to be showed to be how would you feel if you not only destroyed a life but a innocent family would you be able to live with the gilt and blood on your hands.
the Commandant should must allow these pitiful wretches back into the prison. They simply cannot survive without returning to the gulag. The Commandant would not wish to be charged with the mass murder of so many soul. Holding up the important building work would be wasteful and selfish, these prisoners should be put to work. We must remember that all human beings deserve a second chance, and these prisoners are no different. Simply put, there is only one choice that the Commandant can make and that is the right choice logically, emotionally and morally. Open the gates and let them through.

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