religion and culturals

religion and culturals

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´╗┐Teaching Preoperational Children

Sharon Parker
Life Span

The preoperattional stage ranges from about ages 2 to 7. This means the child cannot use logic or transform, combine or seperate ideas. Parents or Day Care can work with a child's development to make learning fun and interesting to the child. During this stage of development, children experience egocentrism magical thinking but are not quite logical thinkers yet.
Parents can present smell games. Have the child try to guess the iterm by just using the sense of smell. Imitation Games is to help teach child about the world around them. Use your imagination, encourage the child to explore all the aspects of the object.
Planting Seeds can help a child to learn about nature. A child can watch a plant grow. Playing in the dirt can get messy but its fun. The child is learning how plants grow and how to nurture the plant. Cooking and Baking is also good for preoperational stage. A child can learn to decorate cupcakes, mixing dough and shaping cookies are all fun cooking and baking activities. Sense of Touch is how it feels. Have your child decribe the feeling of what she or he is touching. You can use such as fabric, leaves, mud, sandpaper and cotton balls.
Parents and caregivers just need to take the time to teach there children about the surroundings around them, give them knowledge. Your child can learn so much from parents and childgiver. Let your child learn about nature, take them to the park. Usually at parks, there is ducks let them feed them. But don't forget the bread.

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