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Personal Reflection Paper
Myrna Negron
Grand Canyon University
INT 463 World Religions

What a great book the Bible is! This is the best reference anyone can have to learn about what it is to be a good Christian.
In this Reflection Paper, my opinion will be to let you know if there is something missing in the framework that I have read; should anything be removed; what are the essentials of Christianity to which one must adhere in order to be considered a Christian; and how is one transformed.
What is missing and is most important to know is to discuss the faith in God to be a good Christian. When you discuss the Basic Human Problem and discuss what it means to be Human, we explain how humanity is alienated, from or out of communion with God. Let us talk about the faith and belief in our God. Let us read and learn from those who were witnesses to God’s almighty presence. We need to read to understand about what inspired these men and women to believe in the prophecy. One must have faith and obey God as Abraham did (Genesis 22:1-14) Abraham heard God, submitted to Him, and obeyed Him. Abraham had faith. We need to have more of this in the framework.
What, if anything, should be removed from this framework in looking at Christianity? Absolutely, nothing! All of us can appreciate every piece of information given to us to learn, and to discuss all aspects of understanding Christianity as a whole.
In looking at what are the essentials of Christianity to which one must adhere in order to be considered a Christian might vary for some, but I believe we will all have the same core of essentials. First, we must follow the Scriptures, The Bible. This is God’s guide for our daily lives. Next, we have to accept the Triunity; The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. We need to be free of sin. We also need fellowship with our God. Most importantly, having Faith in Christ is the only way to salvation...

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