Religious philoshpy

Religious philoshpy

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1. The Mysterium Tremendum et Fascinans: is the fearful and fascinating mystery. A lasting phrase which Rudolf Otto uses in the idea of the holy to name that which is fearful and fascinating mystery. Mystery common to religious experiences and the perception there of. The fear is due to the in purity of man and the purity of the divine. Something that is “wholly other” something entirely different than what we would experience in our ordinary day to day life, its absolute inapproachability, its power, and its urgency or energy “the wrath of god.”

2. Shamanism: Shamanism is a practice where an individual reaches an altered state of mind. In this state the individual establishes control over certain spirits, especially those of disease and death. The Shaman can then drive these poisons into an individual or relieve the individual of their pain and suffering and take their illness away. Shamans use special techniques to enter these trances from drumbeating and dancing to trances and drugs. While one is in this altered state of mind their spirits travel to different far away places even the paranormal universe. Once the individual returns from their journey they may decide to share their experience and offer guidance to other especially ones that seem lost and need direction in their life. The spirit would in turn use individuals to channel their energies and strengths into the world.

3. Rig Veda: The Rig Vega is an anthology of religious poetry written by the Aryans within ten books containing thousands of hymns and reflections that describe religious devotion of long established groups during the Vedic Age. The hymns contain the mythology of the Hindu gods in which individuals sing their praise. The Rig is the oldest of the Vedas having writings dating from 1200-900 BC. The book contains prayers addressed to a single or often two or more deities called devas or shining ones. To this day, the book is considered the most...

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