Remember the Titans

Remember the Titans

Remember the Titans Film Analysis

There was a ruling issued in April of 1971. This ruling was issued by the Supreme Court to end all state imposed segregation that took place in public schools. T. C. Williams High School was integrated that same year. The school is located in Alexander, Virginia. The setting for Remember the Titans takes place here. The movie stars Denzel Washington. He portrays the head football coach of the Titans, Herman Boone.

Boone is brought in to be the assistant coach, joining the all-white coaching staff. Boone is appointed the head coach over the white coach, who was a winning coach. He was a little hesitant but he accepts the position anyways. He accept it because the black population see him as a symbolic person of pride and respect. These are two things that there is not much of in the community.

At the beginning of the movie, there is a riot because a white storeowner kills a teenager who was black. This disturbance brought to surface the racial tensions, caused by segregation, that is going on at the high school. Boone has to overcome the adversity. He has to figure out a way to end the racism within the team, the football staff, and the town. He needs to do this to make a winning team, even if they are racially mixed.

Description of the Leaders

In Remember the Titans, there’s four principal leaders:

Bill Yost-white assistant coach
Herman Boone-black head coach
Gerry Bertier-unofficial leader of the white players
Julius Campbell-unofficial leader of the black players

Each man must learn and understand each other to make this team a winning one.

Boone shows himself to be a tough man. He had a hard childhood. He is a civil-rights activist. The things he has gone through and experienced are what influence his leadership style the most. When he first met the football staff at T.C. Williams, he knew they did not want him there. They shoved him but he did not shove back. He remained civil, polite, and...

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