Remembering Essay

Remembering Essay

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Remembering how my life went through during my first few days in Chicago, makes me feel proud of myself; as well as makes me realise I belonged to this city since long.

I got off on the O’hare Airport at about 4 pm, when the sun was still bright as it stood behind the light clouds. I went through immigration process and took my luggage towards outside. I had to go, live at my Uncle’s home, as I was new here and had came here for settling purpose. I went to the Payphone, threw some quarters into it to get the ring-dial. It dint work; it dint work even when I tried the same 4-5 times. I got frustrated for me as they should have kept a user-friendly Payphone. I was feeling shy, but somehow managed to get the phone from a white-guy. I called my uncle and described myself being in grey hoodie and black jeans so that he could recognize me. He told me to stand outside Terminal – 3 by the Taxi stand.

I was pretty nervous as I had not seen my uncle since like 12 years. The last time I saw him was when I was 8. I mean I was just 8 and I could now hardly remember his face. I was getting really nervous, just about when he was going to pick me up ; as to how he would be, his family’s behavior with me, and how he would guide me towards settling here in Chicago. Just then, horns blew towards where I was standing. I noticed a silver-coloured Nissan Murano and there inside was a bald Indian man in black shades. He looked at me and gave me an affectionate smile, which relieved my heart-beats who had been running really fast since the horns blew. He got outside, gave a tight handshake and helped me put my luggage in the back of his car. We then got into the car, and took me towards his Printing Office. He had been running that workplace since 25 years. There were like 2 hrs stay at his office as he had work left, after which we were to head toward his house. He had taken a break from his work to pick me up.

He got me...

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