Removal of Encroachment

Removal of Encroachment

Removal of encroachments

On land vesting in

Central Government

Removal of encroachments on land vesting in Central

37. Removal of encroachments on land vesting in Central Government-

Provisions for penalty and other incidental matters.-

(1). In the event of any encroachment being made on any land vested in the Central Government (whether or not in charge of any local authority), it shall be lawful for the Collector to summarily abate or remove any such encroachment and the expenses incurred therefore shall be liable from the person in occupation of the land encroached upon and the person who is responsible for the encroachment.
(2) The person who made such encroachment or who is in unauthorized occupation of the land so encroached upon shall pay, if the land encroached upon forms part of an assessed survey

number, assessment for the entire number for the whole period of the encroachment, and if the land has not been assessed, such amount of assessment as would be liable for the said period in the same village on the same extent of similar land used for the same purpose. Such person shall pay in addition a fine which., shall-be not less than five rupees but not more than one thousand rupees if the land is used for an agricultural purpose, and if used for a purpose other than agriculture such fine not exceeding two thousand rupees.

(3) The Collector may, by notice duly served under the provisions of this Code, prohibit or require the abatement or removal of encroachments on any such lands and shall fix in such notice a date which shall be a reasonable time after such notice, on which the same shall take effect.

(4) Every person who makes, causes, permits or continues any encroachment on any land referred to in a notice issued under sub-section (3)" shall in addition to the penalties specified in sub-section (2), be liable at the discretion of the Collector to a fine not exceeding twenty-five rupees in...

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