Renew Your Mind

Renew Your Mind

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Some people are in so much pain today because they are hurt, disappointed, discouraged and depressed. But they can get out of this darkness and get into the light by renewing their mind i.e. change how they view their situation, themselves, their life, the world and even God. They need to start loving themselves and see God as a part of the solution and not the problem. There are seven steps to renewing your mind:

1. Accept your part in the problem or situation you are facing. How did you contribute to bringing this on yourself. Of course this step requires introspection and honesty e.g. you are overweight because you did not eat properly

2. Judge your sin as wrong. This is not the time to be saying what about me, woe is me and why me? Some people look at others who act the same way they do and do the same things they do but get different or better results. On the surface others seem to get away with it while they are being punished e.g. not everybody who eats poorly gains weight. However that is not the issue, the point is to recognize that what you are doing or did is wrong.

3. Ask God for forgiveness. After confessing your actions as sinful, ask God to forgive you and help you never to make the same mistakes again. Even if you do slip up in the future, recognize that you are human and press on. Character is built when you decide to get up after being knocked down, not staying down and giving up in frustration.

4. Recognise what plans or adjustments must be made. There is a difference between intention and action. You can have good intentions such as planning on joining a gym and exercising but if you never do (action) then you will not lose the weight.

5. Work the plan. So even when it hurts and you are sore all over - EXERCISE! You get the picture?

6. Continue to renew your mind and grow. Study the word of God and do the steps with every area of your life. Once you have mastered one area such as losing the weight and...

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