Rental Apartment

Rental Apartment

Rental Apartment Management
This document provides the Feasibility Study of in terms of analysis of the project objectives and requirements including justification, schedule, and end products.

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Introduction: 3
Context Diagram 4
Level 0 DFD 5
Use case diagram 6
Description Use case diagram 7
Description of 3 Software companies 8
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In this case analysis we will study about the Reservation Apartment Management. Most of the owners of these apartments chose to give their apartment on rent. So building manager is appointed to manage the rental apartments instead of apartment owners. Mr. James Dooley is such a rental manager to keep all the records of the apartment and its details on a register. Now, as the number of apartments is increasing under Mr. James Dooley so it’s getting difficult and complex for him to manage the apartment details system in the registers. Mr. James thought of having an IT system which can manage the current needs of his apartment details and moreover which can be scalable to future needs i.e. adding more apartments in the data management system.
We will use Object oriented technology for implementation of the current system having functionalities like generation of client ID to every client, generation of Apartment ID to every apartment, generation of Reservation No to every Reservation along with invoice generation and update. The system should be able to generate all billing reports and modify client information when required. We will use object oriented language like Java and C# to implement such systems. These platforms provide a good user interface and embedded with the much required object oriented technology.

Context Diagram
Buys apartment

Apartment description
Weekly/daily Rental

Request for Client Info


Receives cheque after Deduction

Building manager

Appoint building manager
Reservation Cancelled...

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