Report of Experience Authenticity

Report of Experience Authenticity

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Beyond experience: culture, consumer & brand

Foreword by Mat Hunter

Using art to render authenticity in business
James H. Gilmore & B. Joseph Pine II

The transformation economy
Tina Mermiri

Published in 2009 A catalogue record for this report is available from the British Library ISBN: 978-0-9565380-3-1 Copyright © Arts & Business Nutmeg house 60 Gainsford Street Butler‖s Wharf London SE1 2NY UK

The world of business is fast realising that creativity is too valuable to be left to the creatives. Whether the challenge is to craft new and improved products and services, or to imagine whole new business opportunities, the sometimes formulaic manner of management thinking is being questioned in these globally competitive, fast moving and often disruptive times. The most advanced business leaders are embracing creative methods to add to their strategic toolkit. But Arts & Business‖ report recognises that it‖s not just the commercial creativity of designers that is valuable in business – it is the cultural insight and capital of the Arts that matters too. In a world now well supplied with high quality, well priced goods, how can we better meet consumers‖ needs? The Arts have much to offer. Having spent the past 15 years designing cutting-edge products and services, and trying to teach the art and science of innovation to business students, I know how hard it is to connect theory with practice. This report masterfully unwraps the concept of ―authenticity‖ and shows how practices from the Arts can generate ideas for numerous business contexts. I defy anyone not to have new thoughts for their own venture.

Beyond experience

But I would suggest that the most important concept regarding authenticity is this: that you really need to want it for your business, to see it as a vital, embedded part of what you do. It is not a quick trick to lure customers. As the report suggests, being...

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