Report on Financial Activity

Report on Financial Activity

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Make a presentation

Participant`s Name: Cathy Deng
Teaching Term: Cycle:
Due Date:
Facilitator`s Name: Gavin Otway
Submission Date:

Task 1: Written Question
Question 1:
Presentation strategies:
1. Oral presentation, 2.Discussions, 3.Questioning, 4.Case studies, 5.Group or pair work, 6.Demonstration, 7.Simulations and role-play, 8.Using visual aids in support.

Question 2:
Geographic characteristics
Demographic characteristics
Psychographic characteristics
Behavioral characteristics
Question 3:
1: To underscore a point of logic.
2: To reinforce a point.
3: To keep the interest of the audience.

Question 4:
AIDA stands for “Attention”,”Interest”,”Desire”and”Action”.The concepts is self-explanatory. First grasp the Attention of your audience, then create interest, then generate Desire, and complete the process with a reason for, and commitment to, Action.

Question 5:
Get my paper work that could assist me when I make presentation
Get the computer when I need the power point to explain
Get the board to add what I talking about.
Get the video and tape to show the product I presented

Question 6:
Use the questionnaire to evaluate my presentation
Focus on the group interview
Let people who already use it talk about some experience.
Doing will prepare research before I give the presentation

Question 7:
Research: use the internet and library to research the relevant material and plan self`s presentation.
Questionnaire: use the feedback to get the information which place u needs to change, that next time can do better.
Question 8:
Content: contain much information and not necessary to be so detail
Delivery: nerverness, don`t talking too fast. Make it clearly. and can also do some role-paly.can ask you participants some question to make the attention
|Purpose of the presentation: |Introduce new product |

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