Report on Oil Shale Industry Segments and Forecasts up to 2018

Report on Oil Shale Industry Segments and Forecasts up to 2018

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Oil Shale Market - Global Industry Analysis,
Size, Share And Forecasts 2012 - 2018

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Oil shale generally refers to any sedimentary rock that contains solid bituminous materials that are released as
petroleum-like liquids after heating by chemical process of pyrolysis. Oil shale is formed by deposition of organic
debris and silt on lake beds and sea bottoms. Over a long period of time, this material is transformed into
sedimentary rock by heat and pressure. Oil shales are rich in oil content and can be burned without any
additional processing.
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With depletion in natural resources, the oil shale market is growing in demand due to large availability of
deposits in the world, mainly found in America. Increasing oil prices, energy security, and economic benefits are
some important factors driving the growth of the oil shale industry.
Earlier, oil shale was used as a fuel and source of oil in smaller quantities; however, currently few countries are
employed in the business of producing oil from oil shale at a significant commercial level. However, the process
of extracting oil from oil shales is much costlier compared to conventional pumped oil and this is the major
challenge faced by the oil shale industry.
Governments of many countries are employing sufficient man power and undertaking research to bring down
the overall cost and better the extraction technology.
The oil shale market research report provides...

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