Report on Sgs International

Report on Sgs International

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Fortunately I had been successful to get an appointment with the “Director Operations” at SGS International’s branch in Canada. The director is a man of Indian origin by the name of “Abdul Razzak Lakhani.” He can be contacted at

After my visit to the organization’s office my desire to work in it has strengthened, as the company explores the potential of its employees to the maximum degree. It also treats them fairly, by providing an impeccable work environment.

Table Of Contents

Introduction 4

Why did I choose SGS 4

Ranking of employees 4

Feedback appraisal 4

Recognizing performers 5

Feedback 5

Job development 5

Increasing job satisfaction 6

Management by wandering around 6

Likes and dislikes 6

Appendix 7


SGS stands for SafeGuards Softlines. It is a certification company awarding ISO (International Standards Organization) certifications for various products and systems. Companies producing a given product, or carrying out a given system require certification.(|Oxford group, n.d) The companies must meet International Standards and Government Regulations pertaining to that product/system. For e.g. the dyes used to color plastic toys may be hazardous, and these toys must be certified that they are safe for children use.

Products that are certified include textiles (through the Dry and the Wet process), leather goods (e.g. shoes), food testing, pathological testing, fiber inspection (the strength of fibers used in clothing), color testing (color fastness and shades) hazardous chemicals testing, etc. (PROQC, n.d)

Systems certifications involve Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001), Environment Management Systems (ISO 14000), and Occupational Health and Safety Measures (ISO 18000), Business Continuity Management System, to name a few. All organizations must develop...

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