Report on solar powered mini car

Report on solar powered mini car

Solar Powered Mini Car


Executive Summary

This proposal is for the Solar powered mini car. This basically a small device which helps us understand the concept of converting solar energy to electrical energy and using the energy to run a toy car. This mechanism is highly useful for larger scale production such as actual cars or any vehicles because it uses less fuel and is eco-friendly since no toxic gases are emitted.
Hoewever since this project is not as complex, we are only using the solar energy to generate a small motor and run the toy car. When placed in a sunny enviroment the energy will be absorbed by the solar panel and changed to electri energy.

The federal government has encouraged alternative forms of transportation due to a limited supply of oil and increasing environmental pollution. Solar cars are just one of many transportation concepts emerging. Solar cars use solar cell panels instead of gasoline as the fuel. As a result, exhaust fumes and oil consumption are eliminated.
Solar cars have been developed in the last twenty years and are powered by energy from the sun. Although they are not a practical or economic form of transportation at present, in the future they may play a part in reducing our reliance on burning fossil fuels such as petrol and diesel. The solar cell panel generates an electrical charge that is stored in a battery and used to provide energy as the vehicle is driven. The lighter the vehicle, the less energy used and the farther the vehicle will travel. In cloudy days, or at night, energy can be drawn from reserve batteries. In the future, charge stations will be located on the road sides for quick battery charging.
The solar energy is produced by sunray and converted to electricity energy by using solar cell. For example, one of the applications that using photovoltaic technology is street lamp. There are many application can...

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