WSDC 2012 R5:England vs South
Motion : THBT the police should use racial profiling
when fighting crime
Conclusion : Team South Africa(Team Proposition)
wins the debate

Prime Minister Speech

Introduced the status quo with examples(Race Rights and Social Realities Act)
Gave a clear definition of racial profiling and what needed to be proved to win the
Introduced the framework of racial profiling,how it fits in with the status quo.
Case Split-Flag Posted and introduced 4 points to be argued about.
Used positive matter. Introduced the first three arguments: Nature of racial
crime,Political Correctness vs Security and Impact of Profiling.
Presented clear understanding of how each point reflected in status quo and the
direct advantages of racial profiling.
Drew Conclusions of his arguments
Negati es=Did ’t ta kle here ra ial profili g had its disad a tages, Asserted
without justification how racial profiling benefitted Germans and how it would
benefit the minority groups.
Good Content,had the matter,good wordplay,Handled P.O.Is to his advantage.

O.L Speech

Rebuttal : Clear Stance against proposition side.Clear definition of what needed to
be proved to defeat opposition

Half Case-Split:Based their opposition on three points: Illegitimacy of racial
profiling , ineffeciency of racial profiling and the impact of racial profiling on racial
division in wider society.Didnt flag post.
Proper Focus on the first point , the illegitimacy of racial profiling , the adverse
effects on minority groups,how racial profiling affected innocents.
Diverted from the second poi t,did ’t focus on how it was ineffecient,re-re buttled
the proposition points on some of the case,P O I distracted him .
Pointed out the lackings in the proposition case,where they failed to engage upon
ut did ’t justify his o assertio s ith e ough o te t a d e ide e
Entered the second point finally after the seven point...

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