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I just received this letter and resume from a candidate that looks like a good match for the social marketing position we have open. Please take a look at it.

Kayla Jackson
1570 E. Azure Drive
Tampa, FL 33601
(813) 555-0508

March 6, 2016

Mr. Joseph James, President
Accelerate Jobs Online
One Technology Park
St. Petersburg, FL 33713

As described in the advertisement on your website, I am interested in the position for a Director of Social Media Marketing. I believe I have the necessary skills and education to succeed in this position.

While a student at the University of South Florida, I worked for the university as a Social Marketing Specialist with the primary goal of communicating with high school students. I am passionate about reaching out to new clients using all the new social marketing approaches.

At Kiki Kute Apparel, I developed a community of young store shoppers by creating a blog and various social marketing strategies. Repeat buyers at the store increased by 20% after six months of developing and interacting with this community.

Additionally, I have the technical skills as described in your advertisement; for example:

After you have examined my resume, I would be happy to answer questions. I currently live in Tampa, but would be willing to relocate. Please call me at (813) 555-0508 to arrange an interview at your convenience. I could be available to begin work in as few as two weeks.


Kayla Jackson

Kayla Jackson
1570 E. Azure Drive
Tampa, FL 33601
(813) 555-0508

University of South Florida, Tampa, FL
Bachelor of Science, Marketing and Communications
September 2014 to May 2016
Florida Port Community College, St Petersburg,...

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