Reptile Room

Reptile Room


The main characters of the story are the three Baudelaire siblings. Klaus is about 10 years old and likes to read a lot and is very smart. Sunny is a toddler who likes to bite hard things like rope and carrots and she doesn’t know how to talk. Violet is about 14 years old. She is good at making inventions and is also very smart. The children are orphans because their parents died in a fire.

The setting of the story is in Uncle Monty’s mansion in the town of Tedia on Lousy Lane. There are snake shaped hedges in the front yard. Inside there is a room that is called the Reptile Room. It has all kinds of interesting creatures.

The story begins when Mr. Poe (a family friend) brings the children to live with their Uncle Monty in his weird mansion. Uncle Monty is a Herpetologist (he studies snakes). He plans to take them on a journey to Peru to find some new snakes for his Reptile Room. The children meet Stephano who is Uncle Monty’s assistant, but they soon realize that he is really Count Olaf who is a bad person who wants to steal their fortune. Uncle Monty was afraid Stephano was a spy from the Herpetologist club and he decides not to take Stephano to Peru. The next morning the children find Uncle Monty dead. He has two small holes below his eyes. The children try to discover who killed Uncle Monty. They find a small poker and venom from the Mamba du Mal snake in Stephano’s suitcase. Next Stephano tries to take the children to Peru but he crashes the jeep into Mr. Poe’s car. The children tell everyone what they found and that Stephano is really Count Olaf. Count Olaf escapes with the hook-handed man who was pretending to be Dr. Lucafont. Finally the Herpetologist society comes to take the reptiles away and the children leave with Mr. Poe. Count Olaf is still out there!

The characters have changed by becoming brave and not being afraid of Count Olaf. They now have a good relationship with each other.

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