Republic of Indonesia Culture

Republic of Indonesia Culture

Republic of Indonesia
Smart Book
TRADOC Culture Center
First Edition: Sept, 2010


To ensure that U.S. Army personnel have a relevant, comprehensive guide to help enhance cultural understanding; to use in capacity and rapport building in relation to the Republic of Indonesia
“We are experiencing a tectonic change in military operations because of culture.”
--MG John M. Custer, III


About this Book
This Smart Book contains information designed to enhance the soldier’s knowledge of the Republic of Indonesia, including history, politics, country data and statistics, and the military operational environment. The Smart Book concludes with an overview of the culture of Indonesia, including religion, identity, behavior, communication and negotiation techniques, an ethnic profile, a regional breakdown outlining each province, a language guide, cultural proverbs and expressions, and Indonesian superstitions. Indonesia sits in a strategic cross-ocean location in maritime Southeast Asia, and has been an important ally of the United States in the region. Southeast Asia is a large and resource rich nation, with the fourth largest population in the world.

“We brought a lot of experiences back from Iraq but also from Central America and to some degree from other places like Haiti, Bosnia, Kosovo. But there was a general awareness of the importance of understanding the huge impact of cultural, religious, and ethnic factors -- that knowledge of the so-called "cultural terrain" was as important in many cases as knowledge of the physical terrain in contemporary operations. We had to deal with these new challenges because it turns out they are key elements when you plan and conduct military operations.” General Petraeus- -December 18, 2006 “Cultural awareness is a force multiplier. Working in another culture is enormously difficult if one doesn’t understand the ethnic groups, tribes, religious elements, political parties, and other social groupings-and their...

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