Requirements for El Cajon Police

Requirements for El Cajon Police

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The El Cajon Police Department has 146 sworn employees, 76 civilian employees and 85 volunteers. The Department operates two bureaus, Operations and Support. There are various divisions within each bureau, which include Patrol, Traffic, Detectives, Training, Community Policing and Forensic Laboratory. Specialty Units include Police K-9, S.W.A.T., Crisis Negotiations Team, Bicycle Team, Motorcycle Unit, D.A.R.E. and School Resource Officers, FTOs, Rangemasters and Peer Support.

After graduation from the Police Academy, new officers begin their careers in the Patrol Division, which currently works a 3/12 schedule(three days a week, twelve hours a day). New officers are assigned to a Field Training Officer, during which time they will learn the necessary skills to become an effective law enforcement officer.

As officers advance in their careers with our department, they will become eligible for positions in the many divisions and specialty units. Officers in the Patrol Division benefit from modern technology such as Computer Aided Dispatching and Mobile Data Computers in all patrol cars. Patrol Vehicles are also equipped with Mobile Video Recorders and the most current communications equipment.

El Cajon Police Officers are expected to develop strong collaborative relationships with community members, groups and other government and private organizations in problem solving and crime prevention. They are encouraged and expected to look for innovative and effective methods in resolving community issues and concerns.

Hiring Process

There are several steps to the hiring process listed below.

1. The written test consists of multiple-choice questions that measure general aptitudes needed to be a Police Officer. No prior law enforcement knowledge is necessary to pass the test which may include the following factors:

Section I
Decision Making: Ability to identify and comprehend critical elements of a situation and choose courses of action based on...

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