RES 301

RES 301

RES 301 Principles of Real Estate(ASHFORD) – Complete Course

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RES 301 Week 1 Discussion Questions
Week 1 DQ 1: Real estate construction is a volatile process determined by the interaction of the user and capital markets. What signals do real estate producers use to manage this process? What other factors affect the volatility of real estate production?
Week 1 DQ 2: In the United States the bundle of rights called real property seems to have gotten smaller in recent decades. Explain what has caused this. Why is it good? Why is it bad?

RES 301 Week 2 Discussion Questions
Week 2 DQ 1: The property tax has been criticized as an unfair basis for financing public schools. Areas that have high property values are able to pay better schools than area having lower property values. Thus, there is an inequality of educational opportunities that tends to perpetuate educational and social disadvantages for those who live in low-income areas.
1. Do you agree or disagree?
2. How could school financing be modified to provide more equal funding among all regions of a state?

Week 2 DQ 2: The main argument traditionally advanced in the favor of zoning is that it protects property values. Do you believe this contention? If so, how does zoning protect property values? If you do not believe the contention, why not?

RES 301 Week 2 Assignment - Case Study
Case Study

Read the case study: “Are Housing Bubbles Contagious? A Case Study of Las Vegas and Los Angeles Home Prices” and watch the supplemental videos:

California and the Banks
Markets Hub: Bad Mortgages Weigh on Banks

In a three- to four-page paper (not including the title and reference pages), develop an analysis...

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