RES 341 Entire Course / RES 341 Complete Course

RES 341 Entire Course / RES 341 Complete Course

RES 341 Entire Course / RES 341 Complete Course
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RES 341 Complete Course Material
RES 341 Entire Course

RES 341 Week 1 Complete DQs

(1) How would you define research? What is the purpose of business research? How has the Internet changed the quality and quantity of research?

(2) Should an organization create research testing for all problems confronting the business? Why or why not? When is it appropriate to use exploratory research? Can decision-making be accomplished by using only descriptive research? Why or why not?

(3) What is the reliability of a measurement? What is the validity of a measurement? Can a measurement be valid if it is not reliable? Explain.

RES 341 Week 1 Individual Assignment Current Business Research Project PaperGreen Products
RES 341 Week 1 Exercise 4.4

RES 341 Week 2 Complete DQs

(1) What are some of the differences between primary and secondary data? What are some disadvantages of using newspaper articles or magazine articles as secondary sources? Why should you use both primary and secondary data in research?

(2) How valid/reliable are the statistics presented on the evening news? Why should we be concerned with errors resulting from questionnaire design? How do research design and statistical information affect validity?

(3) What is a real-world example of a sample? A population? Compare and contrast probability sampling with non-probability sampling, giving an example of each.

RES 341 Week 2 Individual Assignment Research Terminology Matching Assignment

RES 341 Week 3 Complete DQs

(1) What is decision theory? What is the difference between a payoff table and an expected payoff table? In the following payoff table, let P(S1) = 0.30, P(S2) = 0.50, and P(S3) = 0.20. Compute the expected monetary value for each of the alternatives. What decision would...

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