Non-parametric test

Hypothesis Statement
Since the beginning of time, men have always been paid more than women in the workplace. At times it would seem that woman are considered second to men in the business world no matter what they do. Women used to be considered the homemakers and were expected to stay home and take care of the house.

These issue have changed in the twenty first century. Many families now have the man and women both working and contributing to the income of the family. Although this is a common occurrence in today's homes, there is still a gap in the pay for men and woman. In today's business world women are competing with men and even doing the same jobs with less pay. In many instances, women have to prove themselves by working harder than men even though they are doing the same job.

In the research paper the team conducted in week two of this class, the issue of wages for both men and women were observed and testing was conducted on both. The team will use the same research question and data from the week two assignment and conduct an equivalent, nonparametric test using the five step process. The information and Hypothesis from week two is as follows.

The Hypothesis will be: Female employee average Wages are less than male employee average wages that are performing the same job.
M1= female
M2= male
Ho: M1 < M2
Ho: M1 – M2 < 0
Null Hypothesis:
Female employee average wages are equal to or greater than male employee average wages.
Ha: M1 ≥M2
Ha: M1 – M2 ≥ 0

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