Research Analysis on Industrial Internet of Things Market 2015-2025

Research Analysis on Industrial Internet of Things Market 2015-2025

Industrial Internet of Things or more famously known as Industrial IoT (IIoT) is a network of sensors, physical devices and machines connected to each other on the internet and communicate with each other for efficient and effective automation. It helps in remote monitoring and controlling of industrial activities. The machines communicate via sensors attached to them using an access network and they can be controlled remotely using various applications developed on a device for this purpose and generate data. Application of analytics to this data or information based on which intelligent decisions can be taken by experts in the organization has been the latest practice followed. Industrial IoT helps organizations reduce the usage of the most important resource i.e. time, by improving the machine efficiency, optimize business processes and improve working environment.

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Improved telecommunication infrastructure and access to high speed internet coupled with the usage of Big Data and advanced sensor technology have been the primary drivers for this market. The freedom of mobility and remote access, efficient results with reduced human interventions thereby time and cost savings are other factors which have propelled the organizations to adopt this technology. The growing demand of IIoT applications in the manufacturing as well as retail industry is the most contributing factor for the growth of the global IIoT market.

Additionally, with further more improvement in internet connectivity and other wireless communication technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and ZigBee, it is likely to be adopted in logistics and food & beverages industry. A substantial growth of global IIoT market is observed in gaming & entertainment industry, owing to the availability of technologically advanced devices with increased...

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